What Are Different Types of Funeral Services

Cremation services Northern Cambria, PA, and the tradition of honoring the deceased is as old as the history itself. Regardless of the culture and traditions, the bereaved always honor the last services of the lost loved one – albeit in their own ways. Every culture is different so do the funerals and various traditions associated with them.

In the US, the five main types of funerals services include cremation, direct burial, wake, committal or graveside, and reception. It’s difficult to keep them all in your head and differentiate between various terms. But you need not worry as this article will help you learn what to expect from each of these five funeral types and different events related to them.

Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is a stand-alone event where the immediate family members burn the body of the deceased without any prior reception or funeral services. Following the cremation, the funeral home returns the remains to the family, who have total authority on what to do with the remains. They can bury them in the ocean or any special place, disperse them in the air, or preserve them at home.

The trend of direct cremation is exploding in the US for the last two decades given the low costs associated with it.

The Wake

A wake is an honorary service just before the funeral. Its origins are found in Catholicism and you can have a wake without any other service. You can have a wake at home, but now people prefer a funeral home as a venue for a wake.

A wake service involves two main parts; firstly, the viewings in which family and friends pay their tribute to the lost loved one, and the visitation, in which people come and show their support and empathy for the bereaved. The remains of the deceased may not be present during visitations.

Direct Burial

Just like direct cremation, direct burial is an affordable option for most families as it doesn’t involve any other formal services before or after the burial. The deceased is brought to the burial site and buried in the presence of close friends and family.

Direct burial is a common practice in the US when the family lives abroad or in far-flung areas and can’t reach on time due to any emergency. They often arrange formal services afterward.

The Committal Service

Also known as graveside happens in the cemetery before cremation or burial. The family pays the final tribute to the deceased before the casket is lowered to the ground or the body is cremated.

The pastor utters a few words of comfort for the bereaved and this ceremony is usually short and simple.

Cremation services Northern Cambria, PAThe Reception

Receptions are held after the other funeral services. A reception, as the name indicates, is a ceremony where close friends and family gather and pay condolences to the bereaved and remember the deceased. It offers an opportunity to talk to the bereaved share your thoughts about the lost loved one, and make them believe you understand their pain and grief.

The guests are served beverages and food, they can walk and talk with other attendees whom they haven’t met for a while, and reconnect with old friends. Contact Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. for more information about cremation services Northern Cambria, PA.