Alternatives to Sympathy Flowers

Flowers have been a go-to option to express your condolences to the bereaved family at cremation services Richland, PA, since time immemorial. However, it’s not the option way of showing your unconditional love and support for both the deceased and the grieving party.

Today, families are choosing rather personalized things to bring to a funeral. If you’re planning to attend a funeral service, consider the below excellent alternatives:

Purchase a Gift Card

Why not help the grieving family practically by sending a gift voucher from their favorite restaurant? It can be anything purchased from a local grocery store or an online store. Remember that the monetary value is not as significant as the very idea of showing your love for the grieving family.

Another possible option is to make a donation in the deceased’s name. Many charity organizations notify the immediate kin of your donation for a good cause.

Bring a Meal or Grocery for the Family

If you feel comfortable doing it, bring pre-cooked meals for the bereaved. During such overwhelming times, cooking and eating full meals is the last thing on their mind. So, cook meals for the family or have them delivered to them instead of sympathy flowers.

Many people love to bring a couple of pizzas, a basket of muffins or fruit, fried chicken, or 3. anything that gets them some comfort or happiness.

Light a Few Candles

No matter which culture or religion you follow, candles symbolize mourning and remembering the deceased. Instead of flowers, consider bringing a few candles and lighting them near the casket or reception table.

Bring a favorite memory of the lost loved ones, like a picture, collage, or something, and place it near the candles as a tribute.

Try to purchase a combination of various candles from the local market. You will easily find fantastic candle holders and calming aromatherapy candles with thoughtful quotes inscribed on them. This message goes way beyond bringing a bouquet for them.

cremation services Richland, PABring a Potted Plant

Want a unique way to offer your tribute to the deceased? Consider purchasing a beautiful potted plant. Unlike funeral flowers which eventually wilt and dies, a potted plant is long-lasting and brightens up the room long after the funeral services.

It will always remind the bereaved family of your eternal love and respect for the departed soul whenever they look at it. Show your aesthetic sense and get a thoughtful plant that reflects the upright nature of the lost loved one.

The best is it won’t be consigned to a rubbish bin after a few days as in the case of sympathy flowers.

To conclude, one can bring any of the abovementioned gifts to a funeral instead of sympathy flowers. Your option depends on your relationship with the deceased and the bereaved family. But regardless of what you plan to bring, it will convey a long-lasting message of your love, support, and care after cremation services Richland, PA.