Paying Tribute to a Lost Loved One

As the pandemic goes on, humanity is looking for ways to adapt to the new reality regarding funeral homes Johnstown, PA. Governments worldwide are putting stringent social distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of this novel coronavirus.

Many people are looking for ways to mourn and remember their lost loved ones during such uncertain times. Mourning the deceased is necessary to start the healing process and get past the extreme spells of grief and sorrow, but the pandemic has put limitations on the ways we used to memorialize the deceased.

Funeral and Memorial Guidelines

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the bereaved should limit the invitations to only close family and friends to prevent the spread of coronavirus in areas with high transmission rates.

The bereaved may prefer organizing the funeral in an open and well-ventilated area. A viable option can be holding graveside services instead of indoor gatherings.

Also, the elderly, children, and people already suffering from significant heart diseases, who are more vulnerable, may not be able to attend the funeral, while anyone showing symptoms should avoid hearing it.

Every attendee must follow all the federal or state pandemic protocols. Some people take extra steps, including wearing a mask and hand gloves, keeping a 6-foot social distancing barrier, and frequently using sanitizer.

Memorializing the Deceased

The pandemic has led to modifications in the traditions and rituals of remembering the deceased across all religions. Thanks to modern technology, we have enough ways to give tribute to our lost loved ones during times when gathering in person isn’t feasible. Now, most people are going virtual to connect and support each other and grieve.

Some of the ways you can remember your loved one using virtual means are:

  • Host conference calls with friends and family members on special occasions and remembers the deceased. You can arrange virtual dinners on the dead’s birthday and let the guests share stories.
  • You can create a virtual memory book containing pictures and videos of the deceased, start a blog or webpage in their memory, and then ask close friends and family to make their input.
  • Organize a special praying event where everyone could recite a selected poem, prayer, or spiritual reading in memory of the deceased. You can have this event on live video chat or coordinate a date and time when everyone honors the decedent while at home. In many cultures, a prolonged mourning period is observed to give tribute to the lost loved one.

funeral homes Johnstown, PAIn addition to these, you can begin charity work, volunteer yourself weekly for community services, plant a tree, or cook the favorite meal of the lost beloved yourself every week.

To sum it all up, remembering the lost loved one gives you courage and determination to take on life’s challenges and expedite the healing process. Also, it shows that the memories of the deceased would never fade even though they are no more after the service at funeral homes Johnstown, PA.